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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:


1. Customers are required to pay up front for prototype parts & services.

2. Rapid tooling projects must be paid for 50% up front, the balance being payable upon approval of successfully molded samples.

3. The quotation is valid in 30 days & based upon the info being supplied while quoting. Any additional information supplied later, for example updated / detailed drawings with fine tolerances may result in a revision of the cost and lead-time.

4. Manufacturing (Geometric shape) is mainly based upon 3D models (.IGS .STEP .X_T .SOLIDWORKS) supplied by the customer. Suppose 2D (.DWG .PDF .DXF) drawings were supplied as well, they will be used for further specific processing, such as machining tolerances, threads, surface finish and treatment etc.

5. In case of any design changes after releasing purchase order, customer should accept and undertake the additional cost that Reach Machinery might happen. For instance, if we’ve started producing or approached to production, we will then have to restart everything due the changes, customers should agree to pay the extra costs incurred.

6. Reach Machinery provides models marked in colors or paint, we endeavor to meet customers’ requests and try all reasonable means to achieve a matching to the sample or reference supplied. However, if the substrate is of a different color to the reference or sample supplied, we can only guarantee to supply & match the marked color. Anodized prototyping parts cannot usually be matched exactly to a pantone reference. Prototyping parts with anodized finish can only be done on a best effort basis. We will do our very best to match the samples supplied, but cannot guarantee a perfect match.

7. Machined parts mostly have radius in internal blind corner. It must be emphasized & clearly communicated. Methods such as EDM might be optimized, or dealt with non-metallic tools if it is specially required. Those available methods will likely affect the original cost and lead-time.

8. Any non-conformance or imperfect parts must be feedback within 14 days since receipt of goods, in order to make any claims against Reach.

9. The buyer should not sign for any package that has damaged external signs without examining first. Signing for a damaged package will invalidate any compensation claims.

13. Reach will keep customers’ drawings, designs and intellectual property confidential, if the information needs to be shared with a third party, that third party shall be subject to a NDA in accordance with the customer’s.