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●1 to 200+ Parts in Plastic and Metal
●Ship parts as little as 3 to 7 days
●CNC Prototyping & Vacuum Casting parts & 3D Printing Parts FDM/Polyjet/SLS/SLA
●Quick Quotation & Excellent Project Management

Reach Industry Co., Ltd provides the one-stop solution for the customer when there is demand for prototypes. We offer CNC machiningVacuum casting and 3D printing, and services to support and bring your specialized designs and ideas to life. 

Also, Our international team of engineers and managers will work with you to combine manufacturing techniques like Rapid tooling, Plastic injection moldingCNC machiningVacuum casting and other associated MFG techniques to make your product ideas a reality and manufacturable. Customers can seamlessly go from prototyping to tooling to high volume production in one stop.