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Materials for Injection Molding
Materials for Injection Molding Injection Mold materials:MaterialTensile StrengthFlexural ModulusMax Temp.DENSITY (g/cm3)ApplicationsABS5000-7500 psi270,000-380,000 psi140°-200° F1.05l Computer housings, smalll appliances, automotive interior trim and medical componentsABS/PC6400-9150 psi300,000-400,000 p
Normal Materials for CNC Machining
Normal Materials for CNC Machining CNC materials:MaterialGradscolorMaterial typeFeatures and characteristicsAluminum5052NaturalSoftl Improved corrosion resistance over 7075l General purpose aluminum with Medium strengthl Good formability, weldabilityl Containes magnesium and silicon6061NaturalSoft6
Materials for Metal Casting
Materials for Metal Casting Aluminum Die Casting MaterialMaterialGradeFeaturesAluminumA380l Best combination of mechanical, casting, and the thermal properties.l Excellent fluidity, pressure tightness, and resistance to hot cracking.l Widely used for engine brackets, hand tools, elec