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★7-25 days for Rapid Tooling making
★Short Term Injection Molding
★DME MUD Mold/Universal Mold Base is optional to save cost/shorten lead time
★No restriction for mold construction
★Free Quote/DFM/Inspection within hours


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REACH has the equipment, the skill and the experience to create Rapid Tooling for Plastic Injection Molding. We have worked in this field of Rapid tooling for more than 10 years, we work out a way to shorten the manufacturing lead time and save the cost for customers who wants to gain low-volume production parts for their needs. We could quickly deliver injection molding sample parts in 1-4 weeks! With press sizes ranging from 20 tons to 800 tons, we can meet your injection molding part needs from 25 parts to high-volume production runs. Customer’s Parts has no geometry limits on part dimensions and allows any commercially available material and surface finish.

We would use a universal mold base or DME Master Mold base for the parts, and the customer would only own the core/cavity/ejection, thus customer could save the cost for the machining and the lead time. On the tooling structure, if the quantity expected is very small, it should be simplified as much as possible by various methods like hand loaded insert, semi-mechanical ejecting, etc.


             Cost Saving                            Optional tools                              No MOQ                                 Quality                                Free DFM                            Quick Turnaround


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Except for our core business Rapid Tooling and bridge tooling, we also provide high volume production tooling and export tooling to customers.

We would need to know all specifications when we quote for this kind of business, to ensure we are able to achieve the exact requirements like tooling life, steel type and mold component standard and so on, then we would offer the expected cost for you.

We also offer another solution if you just want to run production oversea, but not a complete emperor/US standard. Matric standard, we will do the retrofit work to make your tool at a lower cost, and then try out the tool to verify, and do the retrofit work to ensure it works when it arrives at your destination. Contact us if any questions.


Base info for an RFQ

Our international team will listen to your demands, and will offer the best solution to provide quality parts in a fast manner within your budget.

If you could provide the below info, it would be easier for us to get you the exact pricing.

3D file2D file(if available), MaterialFinishColorQty: T1 / Batch, Inserts, printing, etc.(if available)


Design for Manufacturing


We will provide DFM analysis to help support the design to the manufacturable, forecast the potential issue and provide suggestions to improve and eliminate the issue. For complex, we will provide Mold Flow analysis to help eliminate the potential issues and improve the quality of the parts in advance.

Contact us to get Design tips to help make your design easier for manufacturing and lower down the cost of manufacturing. Of course, we are always online to help support you, send us the file today and we will support your project development.

We will review the tolerance for parts as well, unless otherwise specified, we comply with the DIN 16901 standard tolerances for plastic injection moldings(equivalent to SPI tolerance commercial standard.).


Injection Mold making

This includes all the machining processes for tooling making. We will follow up with the process and keep you updated and aware of everything.


CNC-rough machining-water line-electrode-EDM-polishing-texturing-grinding-fitting-mold clamping-mold try out


Advantages of Rapid Tooling Services

1.       Sharing a Common mold base to save material cost.

2.       Shorten machining lead time, reducing costs.

3.       No restriction on part design

4.       Engineering change could be applied to the tool.

5.       Molding in real engineering plastics.

6.       Able to use Hot Runner.

7.       Mass production is feasible as well.


REACH always make it easy for the customer to gain quality parts as expected in a fast manner within budget!

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